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Booking Salome


Salome can produce up to a one hour show program, with sets tailored in length and arrangement. She can perform improvisational and choreographed works to recorded music and is well versed in working with live musicians.

Salome has a varied repertoire, demonstrating the many moods and flavors of Oriental dance. Her performance can showcase pure dance with lively and exciting arrangements, finger cymbal accompaniment, emotive and dramatic slow pieces, sensuous floor work, drum solo's... or include specialty props, such as flowing veil work, the Egyptian candelabra, or dancing on wine glasses.

Salome has an array of beautiful costumes to facilitate changes throughout her show. She is experienced at headlining, and performing as part of a cast.

Salome accepts engagements for:

Private gala's, businesses and corporate events
Luxury venues, 5 star hotels, and casinos
Festivals, concert and theater shows and other types of dance events

Client Testimonials

"Casino Everest" and "Casino Royal", Katmandu, Nepal
"We had seen many Belly dancers but Salome comes across as a breath of fresh air. She is spontaneous and vibes extremely well with the audience. Her grace and class give a completely new dimension to the art of Belly dance. I do hope we get many more opportunities to work together."
Raju Singh Sondhi, Director of DMI Entertainment

Jet Airways International Airline, India
"We had hired Salome for a 6 city tour in India for a private airline company, Jet Airways Ltd. We found her to be a fantastic dancer. Her choreography is very good, her stage-craft precise, her routines interesting and well presented. She gives mind-blowing performance and she impresses the crowd with her scintillating moves. I highly recommend her for any future performances."
Omer Haidar, Director of Showhouse

Great World International, Kang-Shan, Taiwan
"An excellent dancer, I would happily engage her again at any time."
Mr. Chen Ming Lung, President of Great World International Village

Lucullus, Tunis, Tunisia
"Salome is a professional, everyone appreciated her stylistic and fine work."
Chekib, Orchestra Leader of "Itareb"

MEDGE, Eugene, Oregon, USA
"Salome's performance was lovely, skilled and showed great musicality and expressiveness. Salome is a professional dancer of highest caliber."
Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene, board of directors


Salome conducts workshops on a variety of topics, with adaptable running time and ability level. Some of her workshop specialties include:

"Luscious Limbs"
Create beautiful frames, lines, postures and stylization with the hands, arms and legs. Stretch, soften, increase dexterity in the limbs, master controlled graceful lines, oriental arm frames and postures as well as accents, kicks and flourishes.

"A Command Performance"
Focus is on developing emotive quality, visceral response to the music, driving movement with feeling, audience connection, and finesse in entrances, bows, exits, and stage use.

"Upper body Dynamics"
All the fundamental family groups of Oriental dance movement expressed on the upper body ; lifts, drops, slides, circles, figure eights, undulations and shimmies.

"Spins and Turns"
Spotting technique, pivots, paddle spin, chainnes, pirouettes, hook turns, hesitation turns... traveling steps, and layering Oriental movements and stylization to spins and turns.

"Improvisational Dancer"
Concepts in approaching Oriental dance in improvisation so you can Be the music, spontaneously, as it happens.


MEDGE Fall Festival, Eugene, Oregon, USA
"Salome's workshop on Upper Body Dynamics was fun and informative. Salome presented a wealth of beautiful arm movements and poses to add beauty and expression to the dancer's repertoire. Integrating the upper body and arms into the dance is extremely important in presenting a polished, professional performance and this class was right on the mark. Salome was well-prepared and shared a wealth of dance knowledge with the class. I would love to study with her again."
Denise G., Eugene

"Danse Orientale", Spokane, Washington, USA
"Salome is a beautiful woman and a truly exquisite dancer. She is poised and graceful, and knows her dance!! Salome is a complete pleasure on stage and in the dance classroom. I would work with her again any time!"
A'isha Azar, Director of Raqs Azar

Private class
Traveling to Oregon? Schedule Salome for a one-on-one or semi-private class, tailored to a topic of your choice.

Long Distance Coaching
Salome coaches dancers by studying video footage and providing detailed feedback on; technical skill, posture, isolation, movement quality and execution, transitions, framing, control, props if used, finger cymbals if used, entrance, exit, audience connection, communication, musicality, poise, and routine content.

DVD, vhs video or computer formatted disc can be sent by mail (include a sase to have your video returned) or by indicating a link to the video if viewable online. The video can be performance or practice footage and should have enough clarity and proximity to clearly show the face and body. The video can be a compilation of clips or a single clip, with a duration of up to 20 minutes.

Video coaching is $75.00 USD. Click "Buy Now" to book Salome for your video coaching session. During check out there is an "Instructions to merchant" field;
if your video is online, indicate the url in this field OR
to send your video by mail, type "address requested" in this field and the postal address will be emailed to you.


Outside the USA
If you are an agent, client or event producer outside the USA, Salome will happily consider your solicitation. Host provides; round trip air tickets, domestic transportation, accommodation, 3 meals a day, laundry service for long term contracts, and salary/fee. Kindly note that Host must be prepared to support a visa application that allows Salome to enter your country with the purpose of performance and/or instruction. For a salary/fee quote please provide the following information:

Nature of host (agent, client)
Nature of engagement
Dates of engagement
Venue type
Length of contract
Performance schedule (number and duration of performances)

Inside the USA
Salome welcomes inquiries regarding performance and workshop instruction from; students, sponsors, dance event producers, businesses and private clients. Send Salome an email briefly describing who you are, your event, the date(s) and location, whether a performance or workshop and respective details.