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We greatly appreciate links to our network of sites. If you enjoy our Belly dance hub, our forum, the directory or store, please consider linking to us.

Text links:

Link name: OrientalDancer.net - Belly Dance Hub
URL: http://www.orientaldancer.net
Optional site description: International belly dance forum, store specializing in Oriental dance goods, belly dance library, star interviews, Arabic song lyric translations, belly dance news and more!

Link name: Belly Dance Forums
URL: http://www.bellydanceforums.net
Optional site description: an international forum with a focus on dances from, and inspired by, the Near and Middle East.

Link name: iBellyDance.net
URL: http://www.ibellydance.net
Optional site description: a global directory of Near and Middle Eastern dance, music, media, cultures, shopping, networking and more.

Link name: Bellydancestore.net
URL: http://www.bellydancestore.net
Optional site description: belly dance Dvd's, music, books, downloads, zills, props, patterns, practice and costume wear, dance shoes, tribal gear, make-up, and costume jewelry!

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