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show biz relationshipsDancing Abroad - The Players
"the client is the entity that has a venue and need. The client procures an agent. The agent has a roster of acts, some of whom fit the specifications of the client. The agent offers the client those acts for consideration. The client chooses the dancer that interests him..."

dangers for Belly dancersDancing Abroad - The Dangers
"Consummation contracts are common and prevalent in nightclubs and lower star hotels. A woman performs several short dance routines throughout the night. During the lengthy intervals of her 'show' she sits with the guests and encourages them to buy her cocktails..."

Contract info for Belly dancersDancing Abroad - The Bare Minimum
"The client pays for all necessary domestic travel in the country of destination. This includes but is not exclusive to; transport from the airport to accommodation upon arrival and departure. Transport to your place of performance and back to accommodation. All round..."

performing rights lawsPerforming Rights Laws
"First, unless a music composition is in public domain, it is considered protected by copyright. A musician/composer copyrights the score/composition he or she creates and can give permission to another person to use his or her score or lyrics for..."

A bellydancer's guide to writing a cover letter A Belly dancer's cover letter
"A promotional package is comprised of articles that, essentially, demonstrate the desirability of an artist to clients. The cover letter is one of many such articles. If you have yet to prepare a promotional package, you may have questions that I hope to address..."

Homemade Promotional PictureA Homemade Promotional Picture
"Lighting makes all the difference in the world! Your local cable access station is a great resource. They should have some type of lighting equipment and I suggest utilizing it. If that's not possible - go for the best diffused and even lighting you can get. Your best bet..."

Points of photography copyright for Belly dancersCan I Take your Picture
"Since more and more photos are appearing on the web, and people are getting more litigious it is a point worth considering. It is also a point worth thinking about at haflas and performances. All those enthusiastic snappers are each capturing an image that belongs..."

Sarah SkinnerThe legal issues of photography
"This article covers what you should know and understand about photography and the use of your image. These points apply when going to any photographer. Though I am not a lawyer so please don?t take what?s said here to be legal advice..."