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hobbyist circuitProducing Belly Dance Events
"um...no. I don't agree that producing necessarily takes money. At least not in the beginning. I literally started the Las Vegas Intensive with NOTHING. Ok, to be fair, I had access to free space--which is a definite advantage, but that is something..."

Mher - Hollywood Music CenterHollywood Music Center"
"They're quite different. I enjoy producing the DVDs more because we love working with the dancers. Producing performance DVDs is like a non-stop party. Anyone who has been to one of our video shoots can tell you about the excitement, cheering and endless zaghareets..."

hobbyist circuitHobbyist Circuit
"Most students desire a graduation from the classroom to personal expression and draw the conclusion that the professional market is the next step. Like any craft, Oriental dance has an ABC order of progression. If you are at the point of putting theory into practice..."