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A Competent TeacherA Competent Teacher
"In the meantime, the dance community must police itself; we must take on the responsibility of offering incoming and current students a variety of "signposts" with which to identify qualified, competent teachers from bad. This is difficult because the various styles take..."

Interview with belly dancer KamealInterview with Belly dance teacher Kameal
"What prompted me to become a teacher was when my teacher stopped teaching. I took classes from other dancers in the Boston area, but could not find another one whose style I liked. So, I tested the waters in becoming a teacher myself. I discovered that I could..."

Hadia speaks... on Belly DanceHadia Speaks... on Belly Dance"
"The market of belly dance is not saturated; it is completely oversaturated, has been for some time and is getting more so every year! There are billions of instant new stars who have millions of instant workshops and great marketing strategies. They are attempting to..."

Male belly dance studentMale Student, Now What?
" You're not quite sure how it happened. You've been Belly Dancing for several years, been teaching for a few, are loved by your students, admired by your audiences, and watched enviously by your peers. Then one day your entire world is seemingly turned upside down..."

Amira JamalGetting Rid of Negative Self-Talk
"There is probably nothing more self-destructive to a dancer's success than the constant flow of negative self-talk that goes through her mind. There is the obvious: I'm too fat, my hair looks awful, my accessories are all wrong. There is the insidious: I'm not as good as..."