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SimsimiyyaSing, o simsimiyya
"Simsimiyya is an essential part of the repertoire of the folklore troupes of the Canal district. Mohamed El Hosseny, native of Suez and known as a leading dancer of Reda Troupe and Mahmoud Reda Troupe as well as a dance instructor and choreographer, started his..."

"With hand-to-head gestures, she salutes the four corners: North, South, East and West, followed by obeisances to the four elements: Fire (the sun) , Earth, Wind and Water. She touches her abdomen, heart and head, then quickly flicks her fingers towards all..."

Moroccan BrideSchikhatt
"In Classical Arabic, the word sheikha is the feminine of sheikh: a person with knowledge, experience, wisdom. In Maghrebi (Moroccan Arabic), "sheikha" limits its meaning to specify a woman with carnal knowledge extensive enough to teach others..."

Persian Classical DanceThe Exquisite Art of Persian Classical Dance
"Here, perhaps, I should take a moment to define what I mean by "classical" dance, and, in particular, classical Persian dance. I distinguish several types of Iranian dance, including performance and recreational dance. By recreational dance..."

tsifteteliWhat is Tsifteteli?
Tsifteteli is the name for Greek style Bellydance. This name comes from the Turkish word Chifteteli, which originally meant "two strings".The movements of Tsifteteli are a lot simpler than the movements of the Arabic Raks Sharqi. But this doesn't mean that Tsifteteli...

Ahmet Orgen; Romany DanceAhmet Orgen; Romany Dance
It sounds like I am repeating myself but I would like to express the seriousness of the mistakes that are being portrayed between Karsilama and Romany Dance. If we are not careful we could be creating a path to cause the extinction of this dance culture...

Shemadan DancingShemadan Dancing
"Shemadan dancing as part of the Egyptian zeffa began in the early 20th century. Prior to that time, the zeffa was lead by a dancer and musicians but illumination was provided only by special three foot long decorated wedding candles and by lanterns held by members..."

Reyhan TuzsuzReyhan Tuzsuz; our gift of Roman dance"
"Roman without passion is not roman at all" Reyhan says, as she instructs me on what this dance is really about. She defines its energy in the form of three nouns; "Strength, Freedom, Pleasure", also a reflection on the philosophy of a roman life..."

Ashraf Hassan on Saidi dances, Tahtib and Raks al AssayaSaidi Dance
"Stick fighting has been used to settle disputes between members of rival families, mostly in the Egyptian countryside. The men's stick dances are very dramatic and manly dances - not to be confused with the coquetry of the women's dance. Tahtib is a favorite dance at any..."

belly dance fusionAnasma on Belly Dance Fusion
"America is a young country (compared to European countries). Historically it is a blend of European immigrants and cultures. The necessity for tradition is not as strong as in Europe. Because it is younger, mentalities are more open to mixes in the US. There is a belief..."

Ian HancockOrigins of the Romani People
The Roma have been made up of many different groups of people from the very beginning, and have absorbed outsiders throughout their history. Because they arrived in Europe from the East, they were thought by the first Europeans to be from Turkey or Nubia or Egypt...