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Amr Diab Concert

By Soraya

On Saturday, March 11, 2006, I performed in one of the most memorable concerts of my entire professional career. The venue for the concert took place at the beautiful Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, NJ in the prestigious arena showroom. It was a sold-out concert with over 5,000 excited fans in the audience.

Opening the show for Egyptian singing superstar Amr Diab has sent me into the creative and artistic stratosphere. I am still buzzing from this incredible night of not only belly dancing in his concert but also from my personal experience of getting to meet and talk with him backstage in the dressing room before he went out to sing on the arena stage.

Amr Diab is an Arabic singing legend that I have admired not only for his rare vocal and musical talent, but also as a ground breaking international artist that continues to set the bar as high as it can go. His beautiful voice and style is truly unique and his orchestra is fabulous.

After spending time with him in the dressing room, I learned what a nice and gracious person he is which went way beyond the stage personality that he allows the public to see. I chose very special music to open the show and performed about thirty minutes of Egyptian style belly dancing. There was another opening act that performed after my belly dancing show called the Four Cats which were very entertaining. They consisted of four lovely ladies from Lebanon.

The great singing star Amr Diab is the reigning king of Arabic popular music and his incredible career has spanned many years and created many moods. His name, music and professional reputation are known worldwide.

Amr has also enjoyed crossover success as well in his long and celebrated career. In the year (1983), Amr Diab released his first album entitled: "Ya Taree". Amr quickly followed his huge and very successful debut album by producing several others including: "Ghanny Men Albak" (1984). In 1986, as he was recording more albums, Amr earned his BA degree in Arabic Music and graduated from "The Cairo Academy of Arts". "Hala Hala" was then released in the same year followed by Khalseen" (1987), "Mayyal" (1988), "Shawa'na" (1989), and "Matkhafesh" (1990).

During the 90's Amr Diab continued not only to sing and produce but he also enjoyed success in film as well. His cinema credits include: "El Afareet", "Ice Cream Fe Glim" and "Dehk Wele'b Wegad Wehob". This film was also chosen as the opening picture in the Egyptian Film Festival. Some of his famed musical releases were: "Rag'een" (1995) and the wildly popular "Habibi Nour El Ein" album in 1996 which was not only a HUGE success in the Middle East/Mediterranean but throughout the entire world.

The fabulous masterpiece of "Habibi Ya Nour EL- Ein", was written as a tribute to his daughter Nour. The Arabic word 'Ein' meaning eye... "Habibbi Nour El-Ein", a very popular, crossover song meaning ‘Beloved, you are the light in my eye'. This song was so popular that other artists couldn't wait to cover it.

Amr then released the wonderful "Awedony" in (1998), another dynamic album. Another plateau was reached with the release of the (1999) hit: "Amarain" which means, two moons. In 2000, 2001 & 2003 a special compilation was released of all Amr Diab's past hits. The release of Amr Diab's most magnificent albums ever "Tamally Ma'ak" , "AKtar Wahed" and "Allem Alby", further proved why is one of the most beloved and celebrated Arabic singers of all time.

Amr Diab is a true innovator of new musical styles and dares to constantly explore realms that reaches far into a plethora of vocal greatness that is uniquely his own. Amr Diab continues to successfully blend Arabian Oriental musical styles with the best of modern, Western arrangements, hot European techno beats and beautiful Spanish/Andalusian rhythms to create a sound that truly defines his brilliance. In 2004, the CD release of "Leily Nehary" came to fruition. Much like his other smash hits, "Leily Nehary" didn't disappoint. This turned out to be one of the most successful albums in the market in this genre of ethnic Arabic music.

Amr Diab has achieved the World Music Awards twice, as best selling Middle Eastern singer in both his albums "Habibi Nour El-Ein" in 1998 and "Aktar Wahed" in 2002. He also received a Platinum Award for the sales of "Nour El Ain", a perfectly crafted and beautiful Egyptian song complete with haunting Andalusian rhythms.

Amr Diab’s most recent album "Kamil Kalamak" meaning: (Finish Your Words), was released in December of 2005 which culminated into this fabulous tour. It features ten songs and was selected as the ‘best album for 2005’ and the song "Kamil Kalamak" was chosen as ‘best song.’

The spectacular feeling that I have experienced and continue to relive from opening this milestone concert, performing for such a huge, packed arena for the world's greatest Arabic singing superstar of all time is something I will always cherish and never forget.

My husband also had a great time being backstage. I found it very interesting that Amr drank down a jar of honey coating his throat immediately before his show. He teased the audience by first singing backstage and then walking onto the stage. It was a great effect that the fans simply loved. This magical night has propelled me to heights that are hard to describe and I am so happy to be able to share my joy with all of you.

Happy Dancing...Artfully yours,