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The Nile Group Festival, Part 1The Nile Group Festival, Part 1
"Still in Athens, leaving tonight for my first trip to Cairo, Egypt and the Nile Group Festival. I am SO excited but at the same time freaking out (just being me). My lunch with Rhea (yes the Rhea!) and Belinda, who are also leaving for Cairo the next day..."

The Nile Group Festival, Part 1The Nile Group Festival, Part 2
"That night I went to Cairo to meet our own OrientalDancer.net forum member Outi. She is from Finland and has worked in Cairo under the name Dunya since last summer. Such a sweet girl, we had coffee and spoke about how it is to be a dancer in Egypt. We met at the..."

Ahlan Wa Sahlan 2003 OpeningAhlan Wa Sahlan 2003 Opening
"The first dancer of Raqs Sharghi was Soraya. Hala informed me she is Brazilian. Soraya is quite Egyptian in her styling and has a very perky and darling stage personality. She is a playful dancer who frequently uses, quick, tiny and very feminine movements. She is..."

Ahlan Wa Sahlan 2003 ClosingAhlan Wa Sahlan 2003 Closing
"The child is dressed in a skimpy band top and straight skirt in a dark color, and her movements are appropriate for a grown woman but not for a little girl. I have no problem with them learning the more folkloric styles, but little girls should not be dancing with this..."

Egyptian WeddingsEgyptian Weddings
"We met Adel, a young Coptic man, in a papyrus shop. He invited us to a wedding in his village outside Aswan and we ended up in a court filled with people. As it is the custom, I joined the women while my boyfriend disapeared somewhere in the crowd of men..."

bELyVIS! The King dancesbELyVIS! The King dances"
"The people enjoyed the day, but the big question was "Who is bELyVIS!?" I had put Mark's act next to last to make sure people didn't leave early. Then, the time had come. The music blaring from the speakers was "Burning Love" and out comes Mark dressed as Elvis Presley..."

belly dancing at the King Tut exhibitBelly Dancing at the King Tut Exhibit
"For one of my performances, I had a large television crew following me around with their lights, cameras and microphones. I was told I was being filmed as part of a National Geographic documentary! It will appear on an International special about "King Tut and..."

The Fares Karam, Soraya and Doris Farhat Middle Eastern ConcertThe Fares Karam, Soraya and Doris Farhat Middle Eastern Concert
"In a flurry of excitement, the incredible Lebanese superstar Fares Karam emerged onto this giant stage. The audience was on their feet screaming and going crazy. Fares sang all of his hits such as El Tanoura (the skirt), Shefta, Neswanji, and other chart topping..."

Amr Diab ConcertAmr Diab Concert
"On Saturday, March 11, 2006, I performed in one of the most memorable concerts of my entire professional career. The venue for the concert took place at the beautiful Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, NJ in the prestigious arena showroom. It was a sold-out..."

An amazing weekend of Belly dance and fun with DinaAn amazing weekend of Belly dance and fun with Dina
"I couldn't say much about Dina until I went to this workshop. All I knew about her before that was what I had seen in video clips, and what other people had said about her. After meeting her, I realized that she is an extraordinary, authentic Egyptian BELLY DANCER..."

DVD Review DVD Review "Meaning in Movement: Dancing with Musicality, Texture and Nuance"
"Many dancers are faced with the question of how to really dance instead of just performing a sequence of technical elements. This instructional DVD starring Alimah and produced by Michelle Joyce addresses that question by showing how to add intention and..."