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Basic Rhythms for Cabaret Belly Dance RoutineBasic Rhythms for Cabaret Belly Dance Routine
"For dancers and drummers alike the task connected with performing entrance pieces is to know the melodies contained in them inside and out, and to know which rhythms accompany each melody. Dancers who perform oblivious to the rhythm changes in their music..."

A dancer's Very Incomplete Guide to Arab MusicA dancer's Very Incomplete Guide to Arab Music
"Rai music is in some ways, in my own humble opinion, somewhat like American country/western music in that it has gone through a phase of themes based in loss. Many songs have lyrics that basically say, "My girlfriend left me so I'm going to get drunk and..."

The OudThe Oud
"The roots of the musical instrument Oud, can be found 3,500 years ago in Persia, where it was called Barbat (oud). This instrument was the same that ancient Egyptians used in Pharaoh times. This instrument was named Al Oud by the Arabians..."

Carmine - Middle eastern musicianBuying a Doumbek
"This article is geared towards someone who is buying their first drum... something to learn and explore on. There are many different styles of doumbeks. I'm going to explain the pros and cons of each. The word "doumbek" is actually an American name. The Turkish call..."

My Waking Dream Comes to LifeMy Waking Dream Comes to Life
"I realize now that the spirits in my dream are the people I play with and for today. That same feeling comes back when you hit those special moments in the present, usually playing for a dancer. I call it being in the Temple. Being in the moment, with synchronisity..."

CD Review - Middle Earth Ensemble CD Review - Middle Earth Ensemble "Passage
"When first listening to Passage, I was impressed with the soulful, unique gypsy infused sound. It reminds me of a journey through Spain, Turkey and the Middle East. In track fifteen, a visit to old world Spain is delivered..."

Free Music DownloadFree Music Download
"The age of technology brings many wonderful gifts, among them access to a plethora of music. You can search, download and play music of any genre from the convenience of your computer. If you are not entirely computer literate it's easy to feel lost on the world..."