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prostitution, the eastern block and belly danceProstitution, the Eastern Block and Belly dance
"I lived primarily in Kharkov, a large city, about an hour away from the Russian border. The Belly dance community there is small but developing. You can find Egyptian costumes in the malls and coined hip scarves in the kiosks. Music is a bit harder to come by but it can be..."

TaajAre We Losing Our Essence to the Mainstream?
"I understand the reality of business, but how am I supposed to go back to my student and say, ?Sorry sister. You can?t dance with us this time because you?re too fat, not pretty enough or are too old?? That flies in the face of all we are taught to believe about..."

Gypsies -- Tramps and TheivesGypsies -- Tramps and Theives
"There are many Gypsies who would gladly, and rightly and reasonably, improve their economic and social position through any means offered them by governmental or charitable organizations. But at a deep level, this trend toward viewing the Rom as one of society's..."

Tattooed Cabaret DancersTattooed Cabaret Dancers
"While there may be some truth in the statement that more heavily tattooed dancers tend to gravitate towards the tribal-style, it is incorrect & narrow minded to assume that there are no successful Oriental-style belly dancers that are tattooed. I am offended because..."

Oriental Dance in FranceOriental Dance in Japan
"Japan has many international events which always have belly dancing by one or more groups. As already mentioned, the Habibi shows are very popular and bring dancers from other countries (Tito of Egypt, the male dancer is coming this November) as well as the..."

Oriental Dance in FranceOriental Dance in France
"Because oriental dance is a beginning popular movement, its practice is not structured yet in France. The State supervises the teaching of all dances with diplomas, but not oriental dance yet. The only other dance which is not subject to any control is "hip-hop". May I also add..."

Oriental Dance in TurkeyOriental Dance in Turkey
"Over the last ten years the number of belly dancers who dance with live musicians have declined tremendously, due in most part to economics. Having a performer at a party without a live band naturally costs much less. So, belly dancers started to dance to CDs featuring..."