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Belly Dance CostumesBelly Dance Costumes
"Commonalities among mass produced Turkish Belly dance costumes are: 6 to 18 inch beaded fringe attached half way up the bra cup, with a center piece draping between the cups. Alternatively, the fringe may be attached at the base of the bra and extend around the..."

Dahlal - Fitting belly dance costumes off the rackFitting a Belly dance costume "off the rack"
"However, many common fitting problems can be easily solved with a few simple sewing tricks. Several common problems and their solutions are featured below. A one-piece belt gaps on the sides and/or back because it is not cut with a curve. Tip 1: Stretch and..."

Belly dance pantsBlousy Dance Pants
If there is a texture or some difference in one side of the fabric to the other begin this process by turning the fabric inside out so the seams will be on the correct side. If there is a design on the fabric be mindful to match the flow of the pattern before pinning..."