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Belly Dance Idol Feature 2009Belly dance Idol Feature 2009
"Lena Astrid of Denmark winner of Belly dance Idol - Professional Category. Lena Astrid has studied and performed oriental dance for more than 20 years, with prior training in classical and modern ballet. Lena has performed professionally and taught for over 14 years..."

Tribal Belly Dance Idol Feature 2009Tribal Idol Feature 2009
"Isidora Bushkovski of Pueblo, Colorado, USA winner of Tribal Idol - Professional Category.Isidora Bushkovski has been a dancer all her life and fell in love with belly dance in 1992. Her degrees through the University of Minnesota are in History and Dance, and she..."

belly dance competitionsBelly dance Competitions: Through the eyes of Ahava
"And if you're really serious about your dancing... your art, you'll take those constructive criticisms to heart. I always look at those remarks as a motivation to improve on the areas that they saw as weaknesses. I look at the competitions as a means to grow... "