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By Makeda

Applying eyeliner doesn't have to be difficult. You have plenty of options from which to choose: pencil (the most popular option), powder, gel, and liquid. To apply, with a steady hand (if you need help with steadiness, try applying liner while sitting down with your elbow on a table), position the applicator as close to your lashline as possible. Draw the line from the inner to the outer corner, following the curve of your eyelid. To start, keep the line thin, and, if you desire a thicker line, repeat the process across the entire lashline or on the outer third of the lid. For a classic eyeliner look, choose shades of dark brown, gray or black.

Eyeliner is meant to give depth to one's lashes and make them appear thicker. You can line just the top lid for a cleaner, more subdued look; however, it's usually not the best to line just the bottom - it can make you look tired. To really make your eyes stand out, line all the way around the eye. If you make a mistake in application, don't worry - use your finger, a sponge-tip applicator or a cotton swab and smudge it - no one will know you didn't do it on purpose. It's quite popular to line the inner rims of one's eyes. While that can look quite beautiful, keep in mind that it will also make your eyes appear smaller, so if you have already small eyes, that may not be the best option and a smoky eye can be achieved without it.

The Different Liner Options

Shadow liner: You can use a powder eyeshadow as liner. Using either a thin, pointed brush or a flat brush (angled or straight), drag the brush through the shadow and tap off the excess and then draw the line in one consistent sweep.

Liquid or gel: These options give the most dramatic look. They are good for a nighttime look or for the stage. Of course, liquid liner can be applied with the built-in applicator. To apply gel liners, use a small, thin liner brush. The one con to this type of liner is that it's quite easy to make a mistake - and mistakes are difficult to fix without removing it completely and starting again.

Pencil: Pencil liners are the easiest to apply, but don't always have the best staying power. Creamy pencils (like MAC Eye Kohl) are good for smudging. To keep pencil from smearing, you can apply a layer of shadow over it.

While eyeliner basics are pretty much the same, there are a few different tricks to address different circumstances, e.g. Asian eyes, or eyes with a few lines.

Asian eyes: It is always best to love what you have (that's why my motto is "Own your beauty!") - never try to draw or paint on a lid shape that is not your own. To properly accent your uniquely beautiful eyes, keep eye make-up as simple as possible. Line your eyes all the way around, making sure that the line on the top lid is thick enough to be seen when your eyes are open, which will make your eyes "pop." Use a deep color, but not one that's too bright.

Liner as you get older: As we age, our skin tends to get drier and the texture may become rougher. It's important to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize ... particularly around the eyes. As you get older, eyeliner becomes quite useful to add definition and make them stand out.

These few tips will help you on your road to having beautiful, well-defined eyes. And remember ... if you don't like it, just wash it off! One of the best things about make-up is that you can experiment all you want without worrying that it's permanent. Give it a try and let me know what you think! You can drop me a line at makedamaysa@gmail.com. Soon, we'll talk about eyeshadows - and how having a bit of fun with shadows can make you look professional, sexy, sassy, dramatic ... whatever you want.

Until next time, Lovely Dancers!

Perfume-scented hugs and lipstick kisses,