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Asian Beauty

By Makeda

I encourage all women of any color to learn to understand and appreciate their own unique beauty. Instead of looking for things to change, look at your special features as things that distinguish you from the pack and work with them to celebrate you in all your glory. Don't try to fit some kind of "ideal" beauty - none of it is real, anyway.

The first step to celebrating the unique beauty of an Asian woman is to make sure that you are using yellow-toned concealer, foundation, and powder. Yellow-toned foundational make-up works for most women of color, regardless of whether you are fair or darker in shade.

To fill in your brows, use an eye shadow powder in an appropriate color - most likely, a dark brown. Do not use black shadow to fill in your brows because it will look too harsh. Use the lightest stroke possible when filling in your brows - you don't want them to look drawn on. If you feel that it looks too heavy once you're done, go through them a few more times with the brush to soften them.

Do not try to use eye make-up to create a crease that isn't there. Use eyeliner to make a thick, smoky line all around your eyes. Use a deep color and make the line thicker on the top than on the bottom. If the line shows when your eyes are open, you've done a good job. Use a light shade of eye shadow to highlight under your brows and as a base over the rest of your eye. Using a mid-tone shade, apply it three-quarters of the way up the lid. Make sure to blend well. Use two to three coats of mascara to give your lashes a thick, lush look. If your lashes are very sparse, apply a dark shadow liner very close to your lashes to give them the illusion of thickness.

Use blush as a means to add a pop of beautiful, healthy color to your cheeks, not as a way to create cheekbones. If your face is wide, apply blush higher on your face, toward your hairline. If you aren't trying to combat a wide face, smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. For pale skin, a light pink blush will be beautiful. For medium to darker skin, a deeper rose shade would be more flattering.

There aren't many rules for lip shades. You get to have the fun of experimenting! You can try deep berry shades if you have lips that are full and naturally dark. For lighter lips, try paler colors - like pale pinks.

Here are some fun looks for you to try!

Polished, Pretty and Professional
Fill in your brows with dark brown powder or pencil. Apply a yellow-toned foundation. After foundation, apply concealer to any places with redness and blend well, using the sponge you used to apply your foundation (which will keep you from having light rings around your eyes or mouth). Use either a puff or a large, fluffy brush to apply a yellow-toned powder. Apply a coppery blush to add a warmth to your skin. Blend a dark brown shimmer powder over your lid and along the bottom lashline. Use a pearly shadow as a highlight under your brows. Line your eyes with black pencil, curl your lashes and apply a few coats of mascara. Finish the look with a flesh-toned pencil and fill in your lips with a warm, reddish lipstick.

Fresh and Floral
If your skin is dry, apply a light layer of moisturizer. Fill in your brows with pencil or powder. Using a light hand, apply sheer liquid foundation. Use a soft brown eyeshadow and apply it on your lid and into the crease, blending well. Line your upper and lower lashes with brown pencil and smudge into the lashes. Curl your lashes and apply a very light coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes. Using pink cream blush, apply it onto the apples of the cheeks, blending up into the hairline and down, for a naturally beautiful flush. Finally, apply a sheer berry colored lip gloss.

Try these tips and see if you're not completely happy in your own uniquely beautiful skin!

Perfume-scented hugs and lipstick kisses,