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Warm Up!Warm Up!
"The first section of your warm up is cardio. It needs to be an activity that uses large muscle groups and movement specific to your application. Actually, lightly doing and gradually increasing the intensity of the specific movements you are going to work on is optimal..."

Stretch for Belly dancersBeginners Stretch Routine
"Lie on the floor on your left side. Left arm extended straight out, head resting on left arm. Keep left leg straight. Bend right knee, and reach back with right hand grasping right ankle, pressing heel towards buttocks. Hold 30 seconds, and repeat on other side. Repeat..."

Stretch for Belly dancersAdvanced Stretch Routine
"Lie on the floor face up, with both knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Place palms flat on the floor above each shoulder. Keep feet and knees the approximate width of shoulders. With legs and arms raise body. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times..."

make-up for belly dancersBare Necessities - Make-up for Belly dancers
"It may seem like a small thing, but organizing your make-up is one of the best things you can do for your beauty regimen. Knowing what you have and how to access it will make your make-up process much faster and easier. When you've streamlined your products..."

make-up for belly dancersYour Make-Up Kit - Make-up for Belly dancers
"When picking a brush, if you can, rub the bristles against your skin. Good make-up brushes will always feel soft against your skin, whether they're made from natural hair or synthetic. Keep in mind - liquid make-up, like foundation, concealer, etc., are best applied with a brush..."

make-up for belly dancersChoosing the right foundation - Make-up for Belly dancers
"I have found that the choosing and application of foundation is the step that most women get wrong - sometimes horribly wrong. There are few things more unattractive than a face covered in foundation so heavy that the person looks like a wax figure or seeing..."

make-up for belly dancersEyeshadow Techniques - Make-up for Belly dancers
"This design is the one known as the "wash" of color. It means that you apply a thin layer of soft color over the complete eye area, from lashes to brows. When applying a wash of color, take care not to leave any hard lines. It's nice to fade the color..."

make-up for belly dancersEyeliner - Make-up for Belly dancers
"Eyeliner is meant to give depth to one's lashes and make them appear thicker. You can line just the top lid for a cleaner, more subdued look; however, it's usually not the best to line just the bottom - it can make you look tired. To really make your eyes stand out, line all..."

make-up for belly dancersAfrican American Beauty - Make-up for Belly dancers
"As a Black woman, I am well aware that it is almost impossible to generalize about the best beauty tips for Black women because we run the gamut of skin tones and shades. Black women can have great, glowing skin and should use that natural bronze beauty to their..."

make-up for belly dancersAsian Beauty - Make-up for Belly dancers
"The first step to celebrating the unique beauty of an Asian woman is to make sure that you are using yellow-toned concealer, foundation, and powder. Yellow-toned foundational make-up works for most women of color, regardless of whether you are fair or darker in shade..."

make-up for belly dancersHispanic Beauty - Make-up for Belly dancers
"Once again, don't try to change your skin color with foundation! You will look the most naturally beautiful when you work with your unique beauty, not against it. If you are a light-skinned Hispanic beauty, choose soft pinks as your best blush choice. If you are a..."

make-up for belly dancersBeauty in Your 20's - Make-up for Belly dancers
"The twenties are when lots of women feel that they are their most physically fit and beautiful. Of course, it's true that many women in their twenties don't have the level of self-confidence that more mature women have, which can detract some from one's physical..."

make-up for belly dancersBeauty in Your 30's - Make-up for Belly dancers
"When a woman reaches her 30's, she begins to feel established and easier in her skin. The 30's are the decade when many women begin to do the "superwoman" thing - balancing family, career and personal time. You may begin to see the first signs of aging ..."

make-up for belly dancersBeauty in Your 40's - Make-up for Belly dancers
"Women in their forties may start feeling the pressure of aging. However, many women in their forties begin to appreciate their individual beauty attributes and cater to themselves. Now is the time to make your peace with what you can not change about your ..."

make-up for belly dancersBeauty in Your 50's - Make-up for Belly dancers
"Nowadays, thankfully, a woman in her fifties is not considered old. A woman in her fifties is just reaching the prime of life! A fifty-something year old woman can be incredibly sexy and fabulous. If you've neglected yourself before, it is not too late to start exercising..."

Eyebrow DesignEyebrow Design
"Once you decide on a design you are ready to begin shaping. Wash your face free of make up and do not apply lotion. Lotion can cause brow hairs to stick together and you can subsequently over pluck. Stand in front of a well lit mirror with your hair swept back..."

Beautiful nailsBeautiful nails
"We create an exterior to enhance our presentation with elegant costumes, coiffured hair, and suitable make-up. Our hands and feet require (at least an occasional) beauty treatment too, overgrown and ragged nails detract from an other wise refined appearance..."

Washing Your HairWashing Your Hair
"Start at your hairline and work towards the top of your head. Place your hands beneath your hair and move your fingers back and forth. If you have long hair do not make circular, zig zag, or sideways motions. It will cause excess tangling and friction which leads to breaks..."

Belly Button RingBelly Button Ring
"Belly dancing and belly button rings may find each other coincidentally, or a dancer may seek it out for the look it lends in a costume, or for many other reasons. In any case, I did some research on care and related information that may be of help if you are considering a..."