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A Name, a NotionAbout Belly Dance
"A Name, a Notion", "Roots of Oriental Dance", "A Brief History", "Just Say No", "Faux or For Real?", "Belly dance and Improvisation", "What is Phrasing, "Texture" as a Concept"...
Number of articles: 12

Roots of Oriental DanceBelly Dance Competitions
"Belly dance Idol Feature 2009", "Tribal Idol Feature 2009", "Belly dance Competitions: Through the eyes of Ahava".
Number of articles: 3

A Brief History of Oriental DanceBelly Dance Costumes
"Belly Dance Costumes - A look at the commonalties of mass produced and designer costumes", "Fitting a Belly dance costume "off the rack", "Blousy Dance Pants".
Number of articles: 3

A Brief History of Oriental DanceBelly Dance Editorials
"Prostitution, the Eastern Block and Belly dance", "Are We Losing Our Essence to the Mainstream?", "Gypsies -- Tramps and Theives", "Tattooed Cabaret Dancers"...
Number of articles: 7

Just Say NoBelly Dance Music
"Basic Rhythms for Cabaret Belly Dance Routine", "A dancer's Very Incomplete Guide to Arab Music", "The Oud", "Buying a Doumbek", "CD Review of "Passage"...
Number of articles: 7

Faux or For Real?Belly dance in Review
"bELyVIS! The King dances", "The Nile Group Festival, Part 1", "Amr Diab Concert", "Ahlan Wa Sahlan 2003 Closing", "An amazing weekend of Belly dance and fun with Dina"...
Number of articles: 12

belly dance and improvisationBeauty & Body Conditioning for the Belly dancer
"Warm Up!", "Advanced Stretch Routine", "Eyeshadow Techniques - Make-up for Belly dancers", "Eyeliner - Make-up for Belly dancers", "Hispanic beauty", "Beauty in Your 40's"...
Number of articles: 19

Belly dance, What is Phrasing?Dances from (and inspired by) the Near and Middle East
"The Exquisite Art of Persian Classical Dance", "Ahmet Orgen; Romany Dance", "Shemadan Dancing", "Saidi Dance", "Anasma on Belly Dance Fusion", "What is Tsifteteli?"...
Number of articles: 11

Texture as a Concept in Raqs El-SharghiLearning and Teaching Belly Dance
"A Competent Teacher", "Hadia Speaks... on the Dance", "Male Student, Now What?", "Getting Rid of Negative Self-Talk", "Would-be Instructors"...
Number of articles: 5

A Comparison and Contrast of American and Egyptian Belly DanceProducing and Belly dance
"Producing Belly Dance Events - With Samira, producer of the Las Vegas Belly dance Intensive", "Hollywood Music Center", "Hobbyist Circuit".
Number of articles: 3

Dance as CelebrationProfessional Belly dancer
"Can I Take your Picture?", "A Belly dancer's cover letter", "Performing Rights Laws", "A Homemade Promotional Picture", "A Professional - Culture"...
Number of articles: 14