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Legally blind choreographer Legally blind choreographer

Juliette Cusick weaves among the other belly dancers rehearsing in the Brookline Academy of Dance. As they take their positions, hips slung in colored scarves, gold sequins flashing, Cusick...
Wicked Local - May 1, 2008

Dancing the night away Dancing the night away

With elaborate costumes and hypnotic rhythms, a group of dancers is fine tuning their performance this week. The ancient land of the Nile will be resurrected at the Kiwanis Theatre on Saturday...
Chatham Daily News - May 1, 2008

Jinni survives car wreck Jinni survives car wreck

Music artist Jinni survived a nearly fatal car accident on her way to meet composer Muhammad Rahim. The two are putting the final touches on her soon to be released second album...
albawaba.com - January 8, 2008

Diab extends lead as most powerful Arab popstar Diab extends lead as most powerful Arab popstar

Egyptian pop superstar Amr Diab has extended his lead this year in the Power 100 list to become the most powerful Arab popstar, ArabianBusiness.com can reveal. In 2008, Diab jumped 14 places...
arabianbusiness.com - January 8, 2008

In Marietta, Turkish dance taught with Southern flavor In Marietta, Turkish dance taught with Southern flavor

The aroma of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine wafting upstairs from Efe's restaurant on Marietta Square is a temptation hard to ignore. But these women aren't here to eat. They're here to...
ajc.com - January 8, 2008

Paris Hilton attempts to belly dance Paris Hilton attempts to belly dance

Paris Hilton made a bit of a Turkey of herself as she tried to look modest by hiding behind a veil. The tanned tw-It girl, 27, didn't realize she was holding up a belly dancer's belt and...
Mirror.co.uk - January 8, 2008

Beauty in its 'purest form' Beauty in its 'purest form'

While his show incorporates certain aspects of the more traditional belly dance music and choreography, Copeland said "Babelesque" is fast-paced and fast-moving, so before audiences have a...
Daily Piolet - February 22, 2008

Night of belly dancing angels Night of belly dancing angels

The "angels" from Havana Estudio's belly dance class under the tutelage of belly dance teacher Nanccy Bakhshy gave a performance before guests including family members and friends...
The Star Online - February 22, 2008

More midlifers taking up belly dancing More midlifers taking up belly dancing

I love using my body. I want to use it 'til I die, and belly dance is one way I'm going to continue to do that, says a Chattanooga baby boomer who declined to give her age...
Chattanooga Times Free Press - January 26, 2008

To the rhythm born To the rhythm born

Even when she was just about two, Nigma would wait for her parents to leave the house, so that she could dance to her heart's content. Though, at that time no one really figured how a girl with...
ExpressIndia - January 26, 2008

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