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Moving to the beat Moving to the beat

Women of all ages, adorned partially in traditional belly dancing attire, shimmied in rhythmical dance moves during their belly dance session. Many participants said they were drawn to the dance...
Northwest Indiana News - February 7, 2006

Hookah lounges are a big hit in Philly and around the world Hookah lounges are a big hit in Philly and around the world

An ancient practice, the hookah resurgence began with youth culture in the Middle East, spread through Europe, then became popular in West Coast cities like San Francisco and Seattle before showing...
Courier Post Online - February 6, 2006

Creating the Enchanted Oasis Creating the Enchanted Oasis

After my last show at the New York Library's Donnell Media Center, Danse Orientale, a trusted teacher said something to the effect of "you've done a good job putting cabaret bellydance on stage..."
The Hip Circle - February 6, 2006

Egypt Trip with Scheherezade Imports June/July 2006 Egypt Trip with Scheherezade Imports June/July 2006

Scheherezade School of Dance in conjunction with Scheherezade Imports sponsors a yearly trip to Egypt to the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Dance Festival. Scheherezade has been traveling at least annually to Egypt
Scheherezade School of ME Dance - February 5, 2006

Ruby refuses to answer back Ruby refuses to answer back

"It is very normal for a singer to appear in a belly dancing costume," as was the case in her clip "Inta Aref Leah" (You Know Why). The singer believes that her music videos are neither provocative...
Al Bawaba - February 4, 2006

In tune with the world In tune with the world

"In Arabic music, we have structured music and improvisation. It's possible to have both, music that's based on structure and form while including sections of improvisation, like in American jazz...
South Bend Tribune - February 4, 2006

Stars of bellydance shimmy their way toward Mesa Stars of bellydance shimmy their way toward Mesa

Copeland points out that belly-dancing is, in fact, "dying in the Middle East" where it originated, due to that region's "fundamentalism." Today "there are more belly dancers in America than every...
GetOut Magazine - February 3, 2006

Shireen Wajdi breaks her silence Shireen Wajdi breaks her silence

Egyptian singer Shireen Wajdi has chosen the Tunisian radio channel Mosaic FM to openly talk about the scandal she is facing, after her millionaire husband Ehab Tal'at, known as Egypt's king of...
Al Bawaba - February 2, 2006

Gothic Bellydance Gothic Bellydance

The phenomenon of Gothic Bellydance or "Raks Gothique" is a multitude of poetic visions born out of the Goth, or Gothic, subculture, music, imagery and fashion, and expressed in the language of...
Amazon.com - February 2, 2006

Dancing Queens Dancing Queens

Celebrating the female body and spirit is one of the belly dancing foundations. Porte said that dance is a metaphor of life and she encourages women to overcome their fears and listen to the voice...
Helena Independent Record - February 1, 2006

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