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Oriental Music Ensemble Tours U.S.A. Oriental Music Ensemble Tours U.S.A.

The premier U.S. Concert Tour of the Oriental Music Ensemble from Jerusalem got off to a grand start with two sold-out performances in Washington, DC. At the Feb. 15 event at Georgetown University...
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs - April 29, 2006

Fifi Abdo at the farmers market Fifi Abdo at the farmers market

The Kuwaiti satellite television channel Al Rai has organized a press conference in honor of Egyptian belly-dancer/actor Fifi Abdo for her upcoming television drama "Souq Al Khudar" (The Vegetable...
Al Bawaba - April 27, 2006

Dig that crazy horn, man Dig that crazy horn, man

The most mesmerizing part of the outfit was Sahara Shimmer; an amazing group of belly dancers who twirl and shake and undulate and twist and grind so well that it becomes hard to breathe or swallow...
City Newspaper - April 27, 2006

Shimmy on to the belly dance floor Shimmy on to the belly dance floor

This Sunday, you can see a professional belly dance show - and do some gyrating yourself. It's all part of "Bella! Bella! Belly Dance," an interactive extravaganza of Middle Eastern belly dance and...
Half Moon Bay Review - April 24, 2006

Middle Eastern dancing taught at workshops Middle Eastern dancing taught at workshops

Zahirah's Desert Orchid Dance will present a performance and workshop session with internationally renowned Middle Eastern dance artist Alexandra King. The performance is Friday at 8 p.m. in the...
Deseret News - April 24, 2006

The belly dance diaries The belly dance diaries

Relocating to the west coast was a big leap for me. A young belly dancer from New England, I wanted to move where the weather was gorgeous, and the stakes were high. I had heard there were a lot of...
iranian.com - April 19, 2006

Anatolia delights Anatolia delights

Fifty-six kinds of music, 56 kinds of dance. Indeed, that is the expanse of the cultural history of Turkey, and the fire and passion from that nation's Anatolia region are set to take the stage...
The Star Online - April 18, 2006

Goonga Saeen steals the mystic music show Goonga Saeen steals the mystic music show

Syrian performers left the audience spellbound with their singing and folk dance. Other prominent performers on Saturday included Raza Allan Faqir, Mai Soni, Afghan Sufi Ensemble, Akbar Kamiso Khan...
Daily Times - April 16, 2006

Review: Passion Review: Passion

Writer-director Malas was inspired to write the film after reading a snippet in a Syrian paper about a woman who was slain by her uncle, two cousins and two brothers in an "honor killing" because...
Cinematical - April 16, 2006

Amr Diab longs for the cinema Amr Diab longs for the cinema

Ten years after his last appearance on the big screen, prominent Egyptian pop star Amr Diab signed a contract with scenarist Midhat Al Adel to write a new film especially for him, and has now...
Al Bawaba - April 15, 2006

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