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Early love of belly dancing led to performing Early love of belly dancing led to performing

Joette Sawall had her first experience with belly dancing when she was 12. A classmate in Little Rock, Ark., performed belly dance at a community festival, and Sawall was intrigued...
Mlive.com - February 9, 2009

Shake it Shake it

Flowing skirts sway and small metal disks on coin hip scarves clang together as a group of belly dancers move to the beat of an Arabian melody. Bystanders could think this is some...
The Partenon.com - February 9, 2009

Delhi belly dancing Delhi belly dancing

And it's not just the big, fashionable bashes where belly dance has become de rigeur - even many birthday bashes, festivals and pre-wedding parties have a belly dancer as part of the...
The Times of India - January 21, 2009

Belly dancer Emma catches Tuncay's eye Belly dancer Emma catches Tuncay's eye

Pop stars like Shakira and Beyonce have helped boost belly dancing's profile. Now Emma, of Durham Road, Redcar, is tapping into its increasing popularity. She said: "It's a pleasant...
Gazette Live UK - January 21, 2009

Arabian sights come to Cuba Carnival Arabian sights come to Cuba Carnival

One of the floats in this year's Cuba Street Carnival night parade will venture into the territory of Arabian Nights when local belly dance teacher Traysi Holohan and her students...
The Dominion Post - January 21, 2009

Bare bellies abound Bare bellies abound

Geographically, Eilat is at a natural crossroads. For centuries, nomads made their way from Sinai through Israel to Jordan, and back. With a mystic atmosphere much like that of Tangier...
The Jerusalem Post - January 21, 2009

Learning in the navel of belly dancing Learning in the navel of belly dancing

Crockett said as a single woman in a foreign land she never felt uncomfortable. She wore a head scarf to show respect to the culture. "There was a sense of joy there," she said...
Canoe.ca - January 21, 2009

Baba Zula dancer feels at home in Roma neighborhoods Baba Zula dancer feels at home in Roma neighborhoods

She is a belly dancer, and you know she can teach you dances from my neighborhood, I mean Roma dances, and people always mistake her for a Roma woman... Yeah, of course she...
Today's Zaman - January 5, 2009

Party with dance and music Party with dance and music

It takes Anna Maria Cancelli about two hours to complete the transformation. She abandons her day-job outfit, the uniform of a college English instructor, in favor of fishnet and fringe...
ENC - December 29, 2008

Navel gazing Navel gazing

I should be excited to see sexy, bikini-clad women dancing to world music, but Iím actually a little worried. First, Iím sort of a Johnny-come-lately to this weekendís Tribal Fusion Faire...
New Times SLO - December 29, 2008

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