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The Ridiculous Resolution The Ridiculous Resolution

I hated knowing that in sharing this newfound happiness with others, I would risk ridicule. I wondered, fleetingly, if I should give up my eccentric new hobby and channel my energy into a...
Fearless Voices - January 18, 2007

Bellycore Bellycore

Do you want to learn belly dance, but don't know where to start? Can't find a teacher near you? Class times are inconvenient? You're not alone. Melissa Michalak, belly dance teacher and creator...
eMediaWired - January 18, 2007

More to the belly than meets the eye More to the belly than meets the eye

If you imagine the essence of belly dancing as scantily clad voluptuous women sensually gyrating for the pleasure of drooling males, think again. "That's what many men in the West believe it to be...
Jerusalem Post - January 18, 2007

Dressing 'Guru' Dressing 'Guru'

Mallika Sherawat plays a belly dancer in Turkey. We gave her a Rita Haywarth kind of a look. She'd sleep with clips in her hair to get the wavy, crimped look of the '50s. Mani sir shot her in...
Rustomjee - January 17, 2007

The Night Business The Night Business

We sprawled across the enormous double bed, along with Neela's mother and a string of younger sisters. Although theirs was a family of dancers, Neela's mother had hoped that her daughters would...
newMatilda.com - January 17, 2007

Want to find inner peace? Learn to belly dance Want to find inner peace? Learn to belly dance

"After you've had your children, you want to find some way to reinvent yourself and also make yourself feel like a woman again", said student Kathy Cohen, 50, of Ottsville. "Belly dancing is...
mcall.com - January 16, 2007

Belly dancers shimmy for fundraiser Belly dancers shimmy for fundraiser

Even if he's not, he definitely will be the only guy demonstrating the exotic dance style with other female performers at Shimmy 2, a fundraiser with proceeds earmarked for the Pennsylvania...
Tribune-Review - January 11, 2007

Iranian applause Iranian applause

Watching a female dancer with a full mane of hair in the open, swaying back and forth, must have been a terrifying and horrible experience for Rahim. As all the women...
Turkish Daily News - January 8, 2007

Belly up Belly up

The ancient art of belly dancing - not that sleazy act in smoky nightclubs - is popular among office ladies seeking great exercise and flat bellies. It originated in the Middle East where women...
Shanghai Daily - January 5, 2007

1st Belly Dancer to Offer Online Dance Instruction 1st Belly Dancer to Offer Online Dance Instruction

Belly Dancer Leyla Najma announces the online availability of her popular Hip Phylosophy instructional DVD using high quality, no buffering video technology. Leylas Hip Phylosophy instructional...
PR Leap - January 3, 2007

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