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Dina innocent of sexual harassment charges Dina innocent of sexual harassment charges

A verdict was made by the department of judicial matters at the Egyptian Actor's Union stating that Egyptian belly dancer Dina is innocent of all accusations made against her for...
albawaba - February 23, 2007

A benefit for 'Delia' A benefit for 'Delia'

At the beginning of January, Belle Whitford suffered serious injuries in a car accident at Sixth and Dunsmuir in Cumberland. Although she is on the road to recovery while rehabilitating at G.F...
BCNG - February 23, 2007

Belly dancing rolls in Chico Belly dancing rolls in Chico

The Zar dance is a traditional dance about spiritual cleansing, said Sarah Adams, Origin's troupe director. Some belly dancers think demons make their hips move the way they do. As the demons...
The Orion - February 21, 2007

Mustafa Kandirali Mustafa Kandirali

Kandirali's Gypsy background lends him an immediate global outlook, and his undeniable skill on the instrument gives him the tool he needs to execute it. But he is not limited to any one genre...
Roots World - February 20, 2007

Elissa outraged Elissa outraged

The contract had also stated that the concert will be divided into two parts one for her and the second for Egyptian singer Mohammad Hamaki, but she was also surprised to discover that a third...
Albawaba - February 20, 2007

Muna Shalabi denies leaving her mother Muna Shalabi denies leaving her mother

Egyptian actress Muna Shalabi denied circulating rumors that she has left her mother's home, resigned belly dancer Zizi Mustafa, and moved out on her own. The actress stressed that...
Albawaba - February 20, 2007

Students rock Dport's Kasbah Students rock Dport's Kasbah

Baklava, belly dancing and backgammon were offered at the party, which attracted more than 1,500 students. With a $5,000 budget from the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee...
Yale Daily News - February 19, 2007

A Menagerie of dance style A Menagerie of dance style

A navel parade of freaky, fire-flinging fingers, malleable midriffs and near every imaginable genre of music is set to twist, bump and roll its way through the Duncan Garage Showroom. For two...
BCNG - February 19, 2007

Bahrain set to offer Spring of Culture show Bahrain set to offer Spring of Culture show

This year's festival includes events featuring some of Bahrain's best known creative talent including singer Khalid Al Sheikh who will be accompanied by the Mohammed bin Faris Band; the Mohammed...
Khaleeji Times - February 16, 2007

It's time to dance at Greek eatery It's time to dance at Greek eatery

I'm so relieved," he said as he watched a group of belly dancers shimmy, shake and twirl, diaphanous skirts flying to the Eastern Mediterranean music playing and finger cymbals...
The Desert Sun - February 12, 2007

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