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Abdel Halim Hafez song lyrics

List of Abdel Halim Hafez song lyrics

Habibaha (Her lover)

Part 1
You are her lover.
Lasta wahdak habibaha.
But you are not her only love!
Habibaha ana qablak
I was her love before you!
We robama geito baadak,
And I might have came after you.
We robama kont mithlak.
Or maybe she had us both at the same time!
Part 2
Fa lam tazalta qani, We tasdadiho khedaei.
And yet she still meets me, and allows me to be deceived.
Be lahfatin fel lekaei. Be raafaten fel wadaei.
With longing in our relations, by a shake when we say goodbye.
Bel damatein laysa feeha, kal damei illal bariq.
With the tears that were within her, the tears that lacked a sparkle.
Be reishatin, heya nabdoon, nabdoon be ghair eirooq.
With a shiver, she shook without cause.
Part 3
Habibaha, we rawatli makana menka wa menhoom.
Yes, I was her lover, and she told me that there was no other.
Fahom kathiron, We laken la shai naarifo anhom.
Yet there were many, and yet, I knew nothing of them.
We anakatni, we alkat be raksiha fawq kitfee.
For she would embrace me and throw her head unto my shoulder.
Tabei adad, wa tadana, kay esbaeen be kaffi.
Then she would leave and meet another. I was blind.
Part 4
We yehforol hob qalbi,
And love digs into my heart,
Bel nar, bel sikein.
With fire and with knives.
Wa hatifo, yatifo be.
And they keep burrowing at him.
Hazari ya maskin.
Beware, my poor heart!
Part 5
We serto wahdi sharidan, mohatama el khatawati,
And so I began to wander alone. My path crumbling before me.
Tahizoni anfasi, Tekhifoni lafatati.
My every breath shakes me. My every turn scares me.
Kaharebin laysa adri, men ain aw ain yamdi.
I try to hide myself. But from where can I escape?
Shakoon! Dababon! Hotaam! Baadi yomaziki baadi.
Doubt, fear and hopelessness keep tearing at me little, by little.
Part 6
Saalto aqli fa asgha. We qalla la lan taraha.
I asked my mind, he listened and said: "We will not see her again."
We qalla qalby araha, wa lan ohibati sawaha.
And my heart said, "I shall see her, or nobody at all!"
Ma anta ya qalb qalbi, aanta laanata hobi.
My heart, you are no longer my heart, but a curse on my love.
Fa anta nikmato rabi ila mata anta qabli.
You are a punishment from God until I die, oh my heart!

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